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Who We Are

Remah provides information security services to counter the new generation of threats. Our team combines years of security testing, digital investigation and consulting experience throughout the Middle East and around the world. We understand the emerging and evolving threat landscape, and have years of experience advising an elite group of clientele for which the security of their information is a top priority.

Remah exposes threats to information, both proactively and reactively, with the single purpose of strengthening our clients’ defenses. And while our preference is to expose vulnerabilities before attackers do, our expertise is all too often applied after the fact.

What We Do

Our customers understand that the threat environment has radically shifted, and that long-standing security best practices simply no longer provide adequate protection. We have worked for and with sensitive governmental, financial, telecommunications, and other designated critical national infrastructure providers for years, and we take this advanced knowledge and experience with us into designing next generation security solutions for our clients.

We are a completely vendor neutral security provider and as such are able to provide our customers with solutions that offer the best protection for their needs. Combining best-of-breed products from all over the globe with leading security service offerings, Remah can be your trusted advisor to protect even your most sensitive data.

Remah IT & Advanced electronics trading and services est. 2017

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